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This is a Free Drum / Guitar Simulator

Download it Here


-Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
-Graphics Card with 8MB RAM (32MB recommended) supporting 3D HAL.
-DirectX 9


-Computer Keyboards (duh)
-Electronic drum sets (requires a MIDI to USB adaptor)
-ROLAND V-Drums series
-Other electronic drum kits with MIDI out
-BAFO/Pacific Digital drum controller
-KONAMI/Topway PS2 drum contoller (requires a PS to USB convertor)

1. Unzip all the files in DTXMania054.zip into any folder.
2. Click on DTXMania.exe to run the program.

1. Unzip your GDA/DTX folder into the "DTXFiles" folder.

To create subfolders (if you wish to organize your songs), create a folder called "DTXFiles.XXX
e.g. c:\DTXMania054\DTXFiles\DTXFiles.1st Mix
You can also create sub-subfolders in the same way.


I get a DirectDraw error when opening DTXMania
-Your DirectX is out of date. Download and install the latest version.

All the GDAs I download are offsync
-Try changing Configuration> AdjustWaves ON or OFF and see if there's any difference.
-Change the permance setting of your Audio device. This is especially noticable in Windows XP.
-Edit the GDA using GDA Creator and change the position of when the music begins.

The GDA i unzipped does not appear in the game
-The GDA filename is in Japanese. Try renaming it to something in English.
-The set.def is incorrect. Some GDAs will have a file called set.def inside the song folder. Open it in notepad

and see if the filename matches the GDA/DTX name in the folder.

Song Titles show up as weird symbols
-Your computer cannot display Japanese. In order to do so, go to Control Panel > Regional Settings > Advanced

and set "Language for non-unicode programs" to Japanese.

In-game performance is slow/laggy
-Close all unnecessary external programs (MSN, IE etc)
-Switch Configuration > Fill In to OFF
-Update your graphics driver or get a new display card.

There is no music when playing the song.
-You don't have the sound codec. Download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player.
-The GDA did not come with the music. Check to see if the mp3/wav file came with the GDA. If not, then you will

have to look for the music yourself and put it in.
-Open the GDA/DTX file in Notepad and look at the line
#WAVXX *****.wav/xa
where XX may be any number or letter. Make sure ***** matches the name of your wav or xa file.

Videos do not play
- Only DTX files can play videos, and not all of them will include a video
- make sure AVI is set to ON.
- Try playing the AVI in Windows Media Player. If it says codec not found, then you will have to download the codec.

Usually the codec required is DivX.



D ownload Simfiles Here

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Forum » Download » PC Download » DTXMania (Drum / Guitar Simulator (ToraDora Skin))
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