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Read this first
BlueTigerDate: Friday, 2010-05-28, 12:30 PM | Message # 1
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This section is for exactly what the name of it implies, it deals with each of those things interchangeably and I will explain proper conduct and use of this section. Many people have been using this more like a general chat than what it really is, and I don't enjoy that as it makes us look very disorderly.


What this section is not to be used for:

* Discussing where people should upload their stuff. This is not our decision, that is the uploaders decision, you can discuss that with them. We will not force anyone to upload to a certain spot, as we are a free community and you should be happy that they upload the stuff anywhere at all.
* You may not complain about your Karma here. Karma abuse may be a problem, but it is not something that needs to be brought up around every turn. There is no reason to care about Karma, if you contribute then your Karma will obviously go up - but if you simply sit around your Karma will probably be abused more easily. Though that is not how the Karma system was originally designed it is how it has turned out.
* Problems with specific members should not be brought up here, these should all be reported directly to a moderator so they can take care of it. Defaming someone here would be entirely inappropriate when it can be just as easily taken care of via PM.
* Additions to the forum software that we have no real use for. I mean think of the previous thing I stated, adding new things would only cause more of this problem. Also if it isn't necessary why would we bother adding something in the first place? This is first and foremost a warez site, we don't need a community store, we don't need little additions to make things pretty, and we don't need a new alternative to the Karma system. These kinds of things should never need to be changed for any reason.

What this section is to be used for:

* Offering suggestions for new sections, areas of conversation, new rules, and things that fall under those categories. There are always things that can be suggested that may further help out the website, but always be sure to check to see if it has already been suggested before.
* Submitting issues you're having with things on the website. This can be anything from personal profile trouble that you can't seem to correct, or things that are happening in certain areas of the website that you think need to be corrected. Always make sure that there are no topics already pertaining to this issue before creating your own topic.
* Giving feedback on the site, what you think about it and the such. I may create a thread that will allow this to be taken care of so we don't have multiple topics over this.


All alterations to this list must be made below here along with a date, name, and reason.

One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god.

Forum » Welcome to Warwolves Forums » Comments & Suggestions » Read this first
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